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  • Prior to Noble Endeavours work in Mindanao, 3 in 10 women died in child birth and 3 in 10 children died before the age of 5. Since 2012 this is ZERO due to clean water and education.

  • A 7 day fully escorted adventure to Mindanao Noble Endeavours Projects

    Experience authentic cultural immersion and discovery

    Witness the power of HEALS Model to transform communities

    Gain powerful understanding of innovative ways to combat poverty
    Visit Noble Endeavour Communities including education projects
    Milk the goats which will produce Mindanao's first gelato product

    Talicud Island Hopping & Snorkelling with giant clams sightseeing
    Breathtaking scenery, mouth watering food and incredible adventure

    Bonus: FREE Trips+ Goodie Bag and T-Shirt

    Capacity: Limited to just 15 people

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  • Build A LifeLong Bond With Your Kids

    Stronger relationships and a lifetime of beautiful memories

    Joy, connection and change the world one Trips+ at a time

    "We are closer now and appreciate one another.... Going away for 1 on 1 trips is special"

  • Trips+ are passionate about building family memories that will last a lifetime. Designed for parents with children aged 10-19.

    Early Bird Discount $100pp Book Before 31st March

    Build a house for the poorest of the poor
    Homestay cultural immersion
    Intramuros walled city tour and dinner
    Visit Palawan voted #1 island in the world
    Bonus: FREE Trips+ Goodie Bag and T-Shirt

    1. Create shared experiences 2. Cultivate a giving back culture
    3. Increase gratitude 4. Authentic cultural immersion 5. Leave a lasting legacy

    Capacity: Limited to 30

  • " Nothing else is in all life is such a maker of joy and cheer as the privilege of doing good" James Russell Miller

  • SchoolPreneur Combat Poverty Tour
    2020 Date Coming Soon

    A 10 day fully escorted adventure to the amazing Philippines islands

    Experience authentic cultural immersion
    Generate a lifetime of beautiful memories
    Activate the value of servanthood and giving back
    Gain powerful understanding of innovative ways to combat poverty
    Visit social enterprise incubator Enchanted Farm

    Rollup your sleeves in shared charity projects (Heroes HouseBuild)
    Breathtaking scenery, mouth watering food and incredible adventure

    Bonus: FREE Trips+ Goodie Bag and T-Shirt

    Capacity: Up to 30 Students plus Teachers


  • Roll up your sleeves in Heroes Build and Slum Feeding

    " I began learning long ago that those who are happiest are those who did the most for others." Booker T Washington



  • Only 4 of the 17 Filipino regions have an acceptable hospital
    bed to person ratio

    We believe every Filipino has the right to primary healthcare

  • Medical Voluntour January 19 to 28 2019
    Application only

    Attention: Health Professionals: Doctors, Nurses, Dentists and Allied Health

    An incredible life changing opportunity to use your medical skills for long term community transformation

    You will experience:-
    * A unique opportunity to use your medical skills in 3rd world country
    * Improving the health service of the next generation
    * The joy of connecting with local community and cultural immersion
    * Mouth watering food and stunning scenery
    * Leave a lasting legacy

  • Only 4 of the 17 Filipino regions have an acceptable hospital
    bed to person ratio

    We believe every Filipino has the right to primary healthcare

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    Travel Insurance: It is extremely important that you take out Travel Insurance. It is ESSENTIAL that this insurance covers you for involuntary cancellation of your holiday including airfare(s). For information on the policy sold by Trips Plus please visit the 1Cover link and make yourself familiar with the Combined Product Disclosure Statement, Policy Wording and Financial Services Guide prior to purchasing the policy. At the time of entering your credit card details on the booking form you are agreeing that you have read both the Trips Plus & Insurance Terms & Conditions.
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    Single Supplement Costs: If not shown in your selected accommodation cost, this is available on application.
    Group And Incentive Travel: As group and conference rates are specially contracted rates specific for that particular group, they have different terms and conditions to standard holidays. If you are booking a group or incentive, please ensure that these conditions are explained to you.
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